Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Remaking "Magnolia Promenade"

Sorry for not post anything for awhile, guyss !

So, When i playing in magnolia promenade, i think there are much mistakes when i built that world....i, myself, feel like not attracted to play on this world and i think that means this world need a serious help LOL !!
so i decided to do a remake for this world under a new name later....

Why i decided to do remake for this world ?

1. This world is the most time consuming i ever had when build a i don't want it to be invain
2. I admit that this world structure is messy like i was drunk when made this LOLL !! :DD
3. i think i'm gonna populate this world to make the gameplay more complete
4. Adding more EP lot so you don't need to go anywhere (Except for adventure world )

For you guys who still don't know which one to download, i still keep the data of the former one to download so you can choose which one to download after the remake is done.

Gonna finish it soon....later and sorry for this !! :P

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