Thursday, August 27, 2015

La'Wahuu Island

Status for La'Wahuu Island

World size            : Large ( Island )
Population            : No
EP requirement    : All EP
SP requirement    : None

PC/Laptop Requirements:

You can run this world in medium-to-high PC / laptop !! Laptop spec that can run this world is : core I3 processor 1,9 GHZ, Nvidia GT820, RAM 4GB. a little bit laggy just when rendering buildings. More is better, of course !!

What's in this world ??!!

This world comes with much features like:

- City-looking and landscape detailed
- Beach houses
- Special lots, like: nectar shop, relic store, bowling alley, and etc
- This world has everything for you to do without moving to the other town first.
- In my PC, you can save your game in just seconds, no more than one minute :D

Some Screenshot:



  1. it works well in my pc ! great (Y)

  2. glad to hear that !! anyway, you don't have to play it with the same spec as just my device as the comparison LoL

  3. It´s running fine with my computer too! Thank you for sharing it with us on facebook. I love it.

  4. Glad to hear that !! Thanks for give it a try !!

  5. Nice one ! running so smooth in my computerr ... thx 4 share ! :D

  6. Love it bro love it ��

  7. wow !! much people can run it smoothly, eh ? glad to hear that !!

  8. Science lab is not gonna be a problem since you always have small rabbit hole to use like lunar lake science lab....
    I like this but I am not sure whether i can use story progression on this...

    1. Yeahh...this world is not that big because when i made this, i concern about people who doesnt have PC/laptop that candle this game. So, i'm not put much community lots that you can enjoy all the EP's features in one world LOL...working on bigger world ATM ! Thanks for review :D

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  9. The link is dead and I can't download it :(
    Would you please reupload it again?

  10. Have you re-uploaded it yet b/c the links I click on are still broken.. (not rushing just asking ^_^)
    Happy Simming and have a very Simmerific Day <3