Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Magnolia Promenade

"Founded and developed 4 years after sunset valley. A big island that gives you all the facilities you need in order to chase your dream. Nice and comfy houses, nice scenery, and university area are the points of interest of this island. however, this island has mysteries behind of it. at the first year, there was a laboratory on the island that used by scientists to develop the island. But, accident happened. The laboratory explode and since that time, the laboratory was abandoned and unusable anymore. Rumors fly that there is secret entrance somewhere on the island that gives you access to the laboratory...Can you find it ?"

(Note: I name this world "Magnolia Promenade" is not because it's exactly same like sims 4 magnolia just because i like the name LoL)

World Stat:
Layout                           : Island
Size                                : Big
Scenery                         : Cities, desert, forest, and beach

World's Requirement:
Expansion Pack            : All
Stuff Pack                     : None
Custom Content            : None

What's in this world ?
- Some parts of the desert inspired by sims 4 oasis spring ( just some layout or lot)
- A little bit lag when rendering buildings. but, not that bad
- 2 Diving areas

Some Screenshots :

Hope you like it & ENJOY!! Happy Simming !!

World's Link:


  1. definitely better than your first world !! i love it so !!

  2. The best part when the town in winter ! really love it <3

  3. This world looks stunning! I would love to play it but the links for this and La`wahuu are no longer valid could you please upload new links??

  4. The link is dead and I can't download it :(
    Would you please re-upload?