Friday, January 22, 2016

2016 Sunset Valley

"8 years after Sunset Valley was built, The mayor wants to make Sunset Valley becomes a metropolitan city...he develops all the buildings and it infrastructure. in order to attract more residence, he built diving spot, laundromat, train station, and etc...some people from other country, move in to this city with their culture and style...there's many adventures and stories waiting for you !! Are you ready to kick it ??"

World Stat:

Layout     : Sims 3 CAW Sunset Valley (Blank)
Size         : Same like Sunset Valley
Scenery   : Beach, City, Hill, Chinese Village

World Requirements:

Expansion Pack : All
Stuff Pack          : None
Custom Content : None

What's in this world ?

- Chinese Village replace fishing spot on the right edge of sunset valley
- Luxury hill houses added on the hill, left side of the beach
- Houses become high rise building
- Big diving spot
- Campus area that help you gain some simoleons
- Metropolitan scenery for sunset valley

*Caution: i just realized that this world has all workplace for career and profession but for Science Career...If it doesn't bother you, you good to go !! 

Some Screenshots:

World Link : 

Hope you like it, Simmer !! Enjoy !! 


  1. Finally you finished it !! I've tried it and it works like charm !! Thanks for make it !! Love it !!

  2. Love the houses on the hill..really makes me remember GTA V B)

    1. ahh you know it LOL i'm making it based on franklin house !!

  3. Wow ! Glad to hear this world runs well for you guyss !! enjoy your game !! :D

  4. Hey, just wanna ask, is this world safe to download ? It said antivirus can't scan it

    1. It's totally safe to download it ! My computers are virus-free ! ^_^

  5. It's unpopulated for now...i'm trying to figure the way out to populated it...i'm not that handy with CAW yet LOL

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  7. The city hall is on the mountain locates next to the also the police station and the military office :D

  8. OMG! Thank yoooou very much!
    This is one of the best Sunset Valley I've seen in my life, LOL. I really loved it.
    Thank you again!

    1. Glad to hear that you love it !! Enjoyy !! 😁

  9. This town could have used some more testing. The bedroom in this house is too small for the bed to be used. It has no counter so you can't make food. That's what I've noticed from playing in this town for 5 minutes. Also, I think you should put a workplace for the science career somewhere. Just saying.