Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tips making an upside-down house

What is upside-down house ?

Upside-down house is a house that it's front door, living room, and kitchen are on the upper floor and main rooms like bed room, swimming pool, and etc are on the ground floor. if you are a player of GTA V, you'll understand what i'm talking about when i said franklin's hill house LOL....the steps that i will tell you isn't require any constrain elevation cheat !! ( i'm not a fan of using cheats when building houses except for CAW thing )

Where to build this kind of house ?

This kind of house is looks good when you build it on a slope area like hill...never try to build this in THE MIDDLE OF CITY AREA like bridgeport has. it will looks WEIRD !! i've tested it LOL

Let's Begin !!

Step 1:

Choose a lot that you want build this house i suggest you before, you better build this on a slope area instead on a flat one...

Step 2:

Use the flatten tool in build mode to make flat the's up to you how big and where you want to flat it...but REMEMBER THIS !! : the gap between flatten area and the original area must not higher than the height of the wall so you can put the stair and terrace to access the main door...i suggest about 3/4 height of wall...

Step 3:

Build a square / rectangle for the ground and upper floor on the flatten area and...we can edit it later...

Step 4:

Put tiles on each floor...

Step 5:

On the upper floor, build a 45 degree wall ( it's not must like that but i prefer this way ) and delete the outside wall. it will look like this...

Step 6:

After that, put tiles until it reach the original area and put the front door and stair(s)...this will be your house's terrace area...when you've done building the house, use soften terrain in terrain tools to soft the area that you think looks weird...

Step 7:

You've done the important steps for building this can start design the house like whatever you want !!

Some houses Screenshot:

Hope this steps useful for your next building plan !! Happy simming !!

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